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Tactical Combat Casualty Care


4 days


1040 EUR

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This course is dedicated especially for:

Private Military Contractors
Close Protection Operators
Maritime Security Operators
Police / SWAT Officers
Other, operating in war zones / remote areas

The course ends with:

Practical assessments/skills tests
Formative assessments
Theory assessment/multiple choice questions

Skill prerequisits


Required gear

Tactical Belt.
Tactical/Outdoor boots.
Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.


  • The TCCC principles.
  • The principles of Primary Survey in pre-hospital care.
  • Assessing an incident for dangers of injuries from road traffic collisions, ballistics and violent assaults and respond appropriately.
  • Assessing a Mass Casualty Incident and Triage.
  • The TCCC phases: Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care, Tactical Evacuation.
  • The principles required for effective and safe use MARCHE protocol.
  • Recognizing and managing a Casualty’s Massive Hemorrhage.
  • Assessing and managing a Casualty’s airway, including hand maneuvers and other Interventions.
  • Recognizing and managing a Casualty Respiration, life threatening Chest Injuries, including Needle Decompression and Chest Seal.
  • Recognizing and managing a Casualty’s Circulation and perform Fluid Resuscitation (I.V & I.O, TXA).
  • Performing Analgesia and Antibiotics
  • Recognizing and managing a Casualty’s Hypothermia / Hyperthermia.
  • Recognizing and managing a Casualty’s trauma: Fractures, Dislocations, Burns, Head Trauma, Penetrating Eye Trauma,  Abdominal Trauma and Other Injuries.
  • Managing a Casualty in the dark.
  • Knowing the principles required for effective Communication,
  • Preparing a Casualty for Evacuation including Transportation / Evacuation Priorities and CPR
  • Assessing and managing a Casualty’s  Documentation of Care



1040 EUR

Course prices includes accommodation and food for a complete training

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Course info

This course dedicated for soldiers, PMC’s and all others operating with weapon especially on a battlefield.

The medical equipment and access to Professional Emergency Care is limited in this enviroment.

The problems on a battlefield (TCCC) are statistically connected with bullet or blast wounds.

This course is conducted according to a 40-hour program TCCC-CLS (TCCC Combat Lifesaver) and it ends with the NAEMT TCCC-CLS certificate.


ESA_Certification_NAEMT ESA_TCCC_Certificate


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