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Tactical Combat Casualty Care / MIRA


4 days


850 €

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This course is dedicated especially for:

Private Military Contractors
Close Protection Operators
Maritime Security Operators
Police / SWAT Officers
Other, operating in war zones / remote areas

The course ends with:

Medical Scenarios with wound imitation
Final examination: theory and practice

Skill prerequisits


Required gear

Tactical Belt. Tactical/Outdoor boots. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.


At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Understand the MIRA / TCCC principles
  • Know the principles of Primary Survey in pre-hospital care
  • Assess an incident with regard to the dangers of injuries from road traffic collisions, ballistics and violent assaults and respond appropriately
  • Assess a Mass Casualty Incident and Triage
  • Know the TCCC phases: Care under Fire, Tactical Field Care, Tactical Evacuation
  • Know the principles of Casualty Transportation / Evacuation
  • Know the principles required for effective and safe use of the MARCHE protocol
  • Recognize and manage a Casualty’s Massive Hemorrhage
  • Assess and manage a Casualty’s airway blockage, including hand manoeuvres and Surgical Interventions
  • Recognize and manage a Casualty with life-threatening Chest Injuries, including Needle Decompression and Chest Seal
  • Assess and manage a Casualty’s Circulation and perform Fluid Replacement (I.V & I.O)
  • Assess and manage a Casualty’s Hypothermia / Hyperthermia
  • Assess and manage a Casualty’s trauma: Fractures, Dislocations, Burns, Head Trauma, Abdominal Trauma and Other Injuries
  • Know how to manage the Casualty in the dark
  • Recognize and manage a Casualty with Environmental Illnesses
  • Recognize and manage a Casualty witch Nuclear, Biological, Chemical injuries
  • Prepare a Casualty for Evacuation

850 €

Course prices includes accommodation and food for a complete training

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Course info

The Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) / Medicine in Remote Area (MIRA) is a 4-day course, which introduces evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best plan for trauma care on the battlefield / remote area.

The ESA Field Experienced Instructors conduct TCCC / MIRA courses following the actual TCCC guidelines and PHTLS program, the recognized world leaders in Combat Medicine / Prehospital Trauma Education.

The course ends with the MIRA award, the most current and recognized medical qualification in the security industry. It is a Level 3 Award in the Medicine in Remote Areas accredited by the awarding body AoFA (Association of First Aiders).




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