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Security Driving B6/B7 Armored


4 days


1850 EUR

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Skill prerequisits

Driving License – B category. The candidate does not have to possess prior experience in Close Protection.

Required gear

Casual clothing
appropriate/comfortable shoes for driving
rain / weather gear
optional: shooting ear protection like earmuffs, earplugs


  • Introduction to Security Driving
  • Vehicle Structure, Preparation, and Dynamics
  • Forces and Factors Affecting the Vehicle
  • Active and Passive Vehicle Assistance Systems
  • Proper Steering Techniques
  • Risk Management: Trip Planning
  • Practice with Various Types of Vehicles and Traction: FWD, RWD, 4WD
  • Practice with Different Types of Gearboxes: MT/AT
  • Advanced Manoeuvring: High-Speed Slalom, J-Turn, U-Turn
  • Emergency Braking Techniques: ABS and Non-ABS
  • Traction Control Systems
  • High-Speed Turns, Skid Control, and Correction
  • Road Barriers and Obstacles
  • Rescue Techniques: Accident and Rollover Scenarios
  • Driver-Down Drills
  • Motorcade Evacuation Techniques
  • IED and IDF Awareness
  • B6/B7 Armoured Vehicle Familiarization
  • B6/B7 Armoured Security Driving on a Low-Grip Track with Water Hazards

1850 EUR

Course prices includes accommodation and food for a complete training

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Course info

The main goal of this course to arm security drivers with the aptitude and tactical expertise to operate in various high-risk scenarios. The course delves deeply into a range of situations that a professional may encounter, from evasive manoeuvres during direct attacks to “Driver Down” scenarios where the driver becomes incapacitated. The course also covers protocols for dealing with more complex threats, such as IEDs and IDF, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to make split-second decisions that could be life-saving.

We aim to enhance the anticipation, action, and reaction skills inherent to the human factor and tailor them for security professionals. Accordingly, our training is crafted for individuals who aim for excellence in the core aspects of professional security driving.

On our purpose-built track, we offer the highest standards of safety and operational performance. In this course, you’ll be rigorously trained in various skills required to obtain the B6/B7 certification, enabling you to work as a professional security driver.

Training course is endorsed by NOCN.




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