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LE / MIL Training

IED Awareness


2 days


600 EUR

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Skill prerequisits

Knowledge of English at a communicative level.
Knowledge of current basic geopolitical problems

Required gear

Tactical belt
Shooting glasses
Shooting ear protection like earmuffs, earplugs


  • Bomb construction and classification
  • IED attacks mapping
  • TAC strategies
  • Sign awareness / Personal Treath Assessment (PTA)
  • Explosions / explosives effects
  • Case study
  • Search and Report procedures
  • Protective measures

600 EUR

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Course info

This unique course main objective is to enhance comprehensive awareness of IED types, threats and field strategies aiming at early recognition of bomb incidents. Diverse portfolio of this training course make it great education supplement for Law Enforcement / DoD operatives, Security Contractors and other Emergency Responding Service members.


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