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Hostile Environment Emergency Care




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The course finishes with:

Realistic cooperation with Fire department during M/V accident including performing access using hydraulic equipment
Realistic cooperation with Ambulance service including using real equipment
Realistic Medical Evacuation Using Helicopter
Medical training using simulation ammunition and Firearms
Medical Scenarios with wound imitation
Final examination: theory and practice
Practical observation
Written/Oral questioning

Skill prerequisits

Level 3 Award in First Response Emergency Care

Required gear

Tactical clothes,
Green or blue head lighter
Sport clothes



  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Medic in civil environment.
  • Emergency Care of Casualties for the medic in civil environment.
  • Recognizing and Managing Trauma for the medic in civil environment.
  • Recognizing and Managing Medical Conditions for the medic in civil environment.
  • Developing the Competencies of Incident Management for the medic in civil environment.

After This part the Learners will:

  • Know the principles of Primary Survey in tactical pre-hospital care using medical equipment.
  • Be able to assess a Mass Casualty Incident and Triage in a Hostile environment .
  • Know phases of tactical medicine based on TCCC: Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care, Tactical Evacuation.
  • Know the principles of Casualty’s Transportation / Evacuation in tactical conditions.
  • Know the principles required for effective and safe use MARCHE protocol based on TCCC procedures.
  • Be able to recognize and manage a Casualty’s Massive Hemorrhage in tactical conditions.
  • Be able to assess and manage a Casualty’s airway, including hand maneuvers, advanced equipment and Surgical Interventions in tactical conditions.
  • Be able to recognize and manage a Casualty with life threatening Chest Injuries, including Needle Decompression and 10. Chest Seal in tactical conditions.
  • Be able to assess and manage a Casualty’s Circulation and perform Fluid Replacement (I.V & I.O) in tactical conditions.
  • Be able to assess and manage a Casualty’s Hypothermia / Hyperthermia in tactical conditions.
  • Be able to assess and manage a Casualty’s trauma: Fractures, Dislocations, Burns, Head Trauma, Eye Trauma, Abdominal
  • Trauma and Other Injuries in tactical conditions.
  • Know how to manage Casualty in the dark.
  • Be able to prepare a Casualty for Evacuation, complete documentation and evacuation using ground vehicles and helicopter.

1250 EUR

Course prices includes accommodation and food for a complete training

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Course info

This Course is dedicated for the People who understand medicine and decided to develop in this subject. ESA experienced Instructors will help You become confident Medical Operators sensitive on a prevention. This intensive Course connected with hyper realistic scenarios, many targeted exercises, hours of physical exercises and big dose of knowledge is a perfect moment to prove that is a true that nobody know everything.

This course is dedicated especially for:
– Managers in Close Protection / Private Military Contractors industry
– Team leaders
– MSO officers
– Safety inspectors
– Medics interested with raising their qualifications
– for all of responsible for medical trainings in their companies




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