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SERE-A (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)


3 days


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No weapons


Course focused on intensive activities in the remoted areas preceded by a fundamental lecture preparation


Northern Finland (69°39′54″N, 29°6′18″E)

Skill prerequisits

Age over 18 year, previous outdoor / wilderness experience desired but not essential. Good physical condition and psychological resilience are key

Required gear

Tactical/outdoor uniform, belt, knife, water canteen. (Detailed equipment list will be delivered all participants


  • Principles of survival and survival kits
  • Crossing the water
  • Orientation and landmarks
  • Emergency shelter
  • Sourcing food and water
  • Starting a fire
  • Tools
  • Personal hygiene
  • Emergency signaling
  • First aid
  • Trapping and fishing
  • Camouflaging

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Course info

SERE-A Summer course (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) is designed for any individual who is operating in remote areas regardless of profile of job. SERE-A course based on STANAG 7030. Training selected topics thought by survival instructors in the real unforgiven environment build your field confidence through hands-on experience essential to surviving and sustain operational in the arctic wilderness.
Methods This course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The lectures will be conducted in the classroom, forest and arctic wilderness. Course fee includes accommodation from Thursday to Monday morning.


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