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Introduction to World of Islam


3 days


750 €

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Skill prerequisits

Knowledge of English at a communicative level.
Ability to work with computer systems.
Knowledge of current basic geopolitical problems.

Required gear

A laptop.
Geographical atlas.


  • Introduction to the history of Islam ( 6 h )
  • Division within Islam ( 2h )
  • Culture and customs awareness ( 4h )
  • Mapping and politics based on examples of chosen countries. Challenges of Management of cultural and religious differences on the example of the European Muslim community ( 4h )
  • Global conflict areas and their outcomes for State’s internal security (from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, through Africa, Asia, up to EU and US). It will be presented the “spill-over effect” of these tensions to into European countries, through diaspora from conflict torn regions (Syria, Iraq) (8h )
  • From Radicalization to Terrorism. Sources, characteristics and outcomes of Global Jihad, Counter-radicalisation, De-radicalisation and Counter-terrorist Policy in EU and other countries (10h )

750 €

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Course info

The main goal of this unique course is to provide to the participants basic knowledge of Islam: its origins, organization, Islamic Law, rituals, philosophy and manifestations of Muslim culture. It will also provide the first insight into the political and geographical context of development of Muslim community around the world. We will explore the global conflict areas and their outcomes for State’s internal security (from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, through Africa, Asia, up to EU and US). The final lecture will be devoted to the process of radicalization of Islam, its forms and expressions, terrorist organizations (Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, Boko-Haram) and so-called “spill-over effect” of these tensions into Western countries, in particular EU.

The course will expose the participants to unique expertise, which was accumulated by our Instructor in the area of Islamist radicalization, terrorism and counter-radicalisation policy with experience working for the French National Center for Scientific Research, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland, the Ministry of Interior of Poland, the Polish Ombudsman Office, the European Commission, the European Parliament and UEFA.


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