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LE / MIL Training

Poaching Prevention Operator


5 days


2200 EUR

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Skill prerequisits

This Course requires earlier training and/or experience in the subject. Candidate should complete Combined Firearms or PMC or Close Protection Operative or DDM or CQB course prior attanding this course. The ESA accepts active or former Law Enforcement or Military personel to attand this training. The ESA will accept current MSO or PMC operatives. Applicants need to present valid criminal record check or its equivalent.
Instructor Development training course is dedicated only to law enforcement personnel, government security contractors or ex ESA graduates and representatives.

Required gear

Tactical Belt. Tactical/Outdoor boots. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.


  • Introduction, Instructor & Student Biographies
  • Introduction to ESA training concept and standards
  • ESA operations in Latin America
  • Overview of ESA : history, current prospects , future projects
  • Establishing ground rules
  • Adult Learning Concepts
  • Teaching Methods
  • Individual Skills Assessment
  • Individual Skills Improvement Assessment
  • Selection of teaching tools, facilities and equipment
  • The use of PowerPoint presentation in training
  • Exams & Evaluation – ESA Concept
  • Chosen elements of ESA courses content
  • Selection of exercises/drills to the group level / level of student
  • Presentation skills of students skills in teaching and Instructions- Workshop
  • Advance weapon drills
  • Class Conclusion & Farewell

2200 EUR

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Course info

Instructor Course has two main objectives. The first one is to prepare the new Instructor Staff for providing and supporting ESA Courses specifically in Latin American countries and Globally elsewhere. Candidates who prove to be most advanced during this programme may be given a chance to support ESA courses in Europe.

Second objective is to acquaint the participants with European Security Academy training curriculum and teaching concept adjusted to particular standards and requirements in Latin American countries.  This training course is highly intense and terminate with comprehansive exam (practical and theoretical).

Course will be held in Mexico, Guadalajara




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